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Witch of the Woods Handcrafted Bespoke Broom Custom Order

Witch of the Woods Handcrafted Bespoke Broom Custom Order


Each Witch of the Woods Bespoke Broom is handmade by Jess Couper, msn, msn at her home in nj. Every wildcrafted fallen branch (no live trees were harmed in the making of these brooms) is de-barked, sanded, stained, sealed, and crafted by hand. These brooms were made for ritual use, but are study enough to also be used for mundane cleaning. 


Custom Order Information: If you are seeing this listing, my custom order books for brooms are currently open. When I am sold out, this listing will no longer be available.


Please choose the following before checking out:


Broomstick: information about the length of each broomstick is listed in the drop down menu. If you have other questions about a specific broomstick that is still available, please reach out to me through the website or at!


Stain: Please choose no stain (no stain will be added), dark brown, or black. 


Cord: this is the nylon cording that attaches the broom corn to the broomstick. Please choose white or black (in the listing pictures this is the white cord near the top of the broom corn.


Thread: This is used to sew the broomcorn together (seen in listing pictures as the two parallel lines of thread located in the middle of the broom corn bundle. Thread colors are listed below, please choose one or two colors. Corresponding color photo can be found in the photo section of the listing.

1: steel blue

2: gray

3: lavender

4: goldenrod

5: cranberry

6: sea foam

7: bark

8: elderberry

9: moss

10: pumpkin

11: wheat




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